Our partnership with LOTSEARCH is great news for developers using our platform.

Land contamination is a serious issue with an estimated 160,000 contaminated sites across the country, having a significant impact on developments and individual developers. By understanding the risks of land contamination and taking appropriate steps to manage these risks, developers can minimise the impact of land contamination on their projects.

Understanding the risk of a potential property is vital, NPG and LotSearch have partnered to create a unique data set that helps a developer identify any potential risk, early in the process, by flagging every property across the NPD platform with a risk rating, then providing a comprehensive report when required.

For developers, contaminated land can be a major obstacle to development. The costs of remediating contaminated land can be high, and the process can be complex and time-consuming, affecting developments in several ways. It can Increase the cost of development, delay the start of development, reduce the value of a development, and prevent development from occurring.

NPG & LotSearch’s Partnership offers developers and investors an early warning, so that the developer can make decisions on the viability of the project early.

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