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June 2024

We’ve been quiet for a few months… that’s because we’ve been working on a huge update that we’re now ready to roll out!

We’ve fundamentally rearchitected National Property Data to bring you a much more flexible, speedy and powerful search experience, a better autosuggest, new features such as saved property lists, property history timelines, a currently selected results side panel (just like an online shopping cart), the ability to draw and manage territories on a map, a whole new support experience, and overall much more data.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of changes:


  • We’ve rebuilt our data model from the ground up to include retired properties and include rental units, community and company title properties.
  • (Coming very soon) We’ve updated our ownership data in QLD and WA to include current owners from property transfers that aren’t captured in sales.
  • We’ve changed our zoning in South Australia at the property level to better align with the current state zoning model.
  • We’ve released TAS with property data and listings. Government sales coming soon. 
  • We’ve addressed a bug where Other Territory properties weren’t searchable
  • Various other data data quality improvements


  • Address suggestions are now ordered by street address and then unit number.
  • Just like Google you can now enter all your search parameters and then choose the data type (properties or listings) to view. 
  • We’ve rethought our filtering experience to give you more flexibility to search across much more of the data. This includes the brand new “Market Status” filter is now the core of our search experience. This filter enables a number of new searches such as:
    • Withdrawn and aged listing searches
    • Historical sales searches
    • Sold (“agent advised sales”) and settled sales searches
  • You can now search by property title type:
    • Freehold
    • Strata
    • Other Multi-dwelling
  • Search results returns up to 25,000 results, and you can view up to 1000 on screen at any time. You can also now sort and filter all results across your search, not just those on screen. 
  • You can now add much more data to your list view, and choose how many listings, sales or parcels are visible in the list table view and exports.
  • You can now choose to include retired properties in your search results. If a sale at an address is not visible try adding this filter as the property definition may have changed and you may find the sale data attached to the retired property.
  • You can now define and manage your territories on a map and use these in your searches.
  • You can now save search results to lists and come back to these at any time
  • You can now view your currently selected properties in the “Selected Results” side panel and use this as a launchpad to create reports, lists or manage your selection across multiple searches.
  • We’ve rebuilt listings detail page:
    • Listings now hove their own page with more data about the agent agency and listing history
  • We’ve rebuilt our property detail page:
    • Property Now shows a property history timeline
    • Property now shows more sales history details
    • Property now shows listing history per campaign, with a detailed breakdown of the campaign changes, and agents and agencies in a more comprehensive view.
    • Property now displays the details of parcels and their details
  • You can now view more recent and saved searches, and view all the filter details in one view to quickly find the right search.
  • Exports are now limited to 10,000 records per calendar month, and export progress is indicated at the point of export. 
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements..d

October 2023

  • We’ve launched into South Australia. Users can now search properties across SA, including:
    • Property data
    • Government Sales
    • Imagery
    • Listings
    • Contamination data
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

September 2023

  • This is a big one, we’ve launched our new and improved CMA. Users can now experience a better workflow when building a CMA:
    • Automatic top 10 selection of comparable sales
    • Radius and advanced search for comparable sales and listings
  1. and: 
    • A beautifully designed new printable report
  • Legal disclaimers and terms updated in platform
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

August 2023

  • Users can now reset their passwords using the Password Reset link on the login page.
  • The search bar will now expand to display up to 10 selected locations so that each can be deleted individually.
  • Legal disclaimers and terms updated in platform
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

July 2023

Improved AVM

We’ve significant overhauled our Sales AVM enabling our customers to get a better understanding of a property’s potential value. 

  • We’ve increased our price accuracy on AVMs
  • For high value streets or “hotspots”, our AVM can now more accurately value a by selecting comparables in that are also high value.
  • We’ve increased our AVM coverage in low turnover areas
  • We now more accurately select top 10 comparables for CMA reports.
  • We’re now able to generate low confidence AVMs on properties lacking attributes

June 2023

New APIs to power partner applications and integrations!

  • We’ve launched our Index Properties (search) API. This API enables our API customers to granularly search across properties in Australia, using a wide array of filters from property attributes, listings, sales, and even geolocation spatial data. We believe that this will unlock new possibilities for many who need to embed property information in their applications, workflows and experiences.
  • We’ve also significantly overhauled our Authentication and Authorization system, which will enable use to deliver on granular user permissions for our customers.

May 2023

We’ve reached the capital!

  • ACT data is now live in the National Property Data platform and our API. 

March 2023

Live property market status

  • We’ve launched our market status indicator that will now appear on properties and CMI listings records and in the search results. It will display the current market status of the property visually so you can quickly identify the date and price that a property was Sold, Settled, went on the market For Sale, Auction or For Lease, was Leased or Withdrawn. See examples below:
  • Last CMI and Last CMI Date fields are now removed from the property search and property page hero cards
  • We’ve fixed a bug Platform that was causing intermittent logout. The platform will now only log a user out overnight
  • Disclaimers for WA in the CMA and Area reports and in the CSV export will now only appear when that state’s data is present
  • Disclaimers for NSW and QLD in the CMA report will now only appear when that state’s data is present
  • We’ve fixed a bug to ensure Rental AVM will now display if no sales AVM is able to be computed
  • We’ve fixed a bug where Street view would intermittently not update
  • The Use Cases panel (powered by Archistar) has had UI adjustments to make it’s purpose clear

February 2023

Rental AVM and Yields now available on the property view  

We’re launching our rental AVM and rental Yields calculations in the main platform. Whenever you view a property or CMI listing record you’ll now see all AVM estimates on just below the primary information card. We’ve also switched to displaying confidence as high medium and low statuses, so that it’s easier to understand. the estimate.

January 2023

New key features for our Real Estate Agents

We’ve been focusing on delivering key workflows and insights for our real estate agents, and are excited to announce our Rental CMA and Statement of Information reports are now live in the platform!

Here’s the key changes:

  • Our Rental CMA is now available in the platform. You’ll be able to generate a comprehensive CMA that includes our rental AVM with yield, rental median trends, rental comparables in addition to all of the other demographics and sales features of our sales CMA. In addition, can dynamically adjust both the rental and sales AVMs, in step 1 to ensure that the price estimate, rental price estimate and yield estimate are as accurate as possible.
  • For Victorian Agents, you can now generate a Statement of information, in a few easy steps by selecting the report form the reports menu on a property. The report builder ensures that you can only select median calculations that meet the requirements, and compliant comparables by filtering our properties that were sold outside of the required distance and outside of the mandatory time range.
  • On the property page, you can now change the median values charts by property type – enabling you to view the median values across all properties, houses, units or vacant land.
  • Users can now view the “Use Cases” assigned to the zoning in the “Use Cases” tool. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to view the different types of approved or prohibited use cases for this property. If you’re looking for something specific you can quickly filter the list too.
  • When searching for a common word in the search bar sometimes there would be too many results and a user would have to keep typing in the full exact address. The results list now has “view more ” enabling the user to expand the result set to quickly find the exact result they’re looking for.
  • The date picker now enables you to type in the date, instead of picking directly from the date picker.
  • The Current Market Information table on the property page now displays the listing status
  • The search table now has the option to display the CMI “Sale/Leased” column.

November 2022

We’ve refreshed demographics

Australia is evolving and so are our demographics. We’re now showing 2021 demographics data in both the platform and in all your reports. We’re also attributing our partner Homely on all elements where their data appears.

October 2022

Improved current market intelligence powered by Homely

This is a big one! We’re excited to announce that our partnership with Homely has gone live. This means that National Property Group customers now have access to a comprehensive view of the current market in our data platform. 

Based on feedback we’ve also released a huge number of improvements to the platform to make it easier to find the insights you need. Here’s some of the key improvements:

  • Homely data and links now appear in the Current Market Information and History views. To link out to Homely open the CMI record and click the “View on Homely” link.
  • Do more things on-the-go with Homely links, pull to refresh, neighbourhood reports and contact Information now available on mobile.
  • Search better on-the-go with area type, multi-lot and frontage filters now on mobile search.
  • We’ve also launched Homely links on Real Estate World, and listings will now redirect to Homely’s website where the listing also exists on Homely. 
  • Improvements to search filters. Lot count now defaults to non-strata and state specific options in filters are now grouped by state.
  • When navigating between properties, the page will now scroll back to the top.
  • Search state is now preserved in the URL – you can now bookmark and send your search links to other users! 
  • Opening an image jump straight into the image in the image carousel
  • Date filters now have preset ranges making it quicker to set common date ranges.
  • The Neighborhood Report is now available in the “Reports” menu on the property view.
  • You can now export area and area type in CSV exports.
  • Plus more many assorted improvements.

All improvements are available now, 13 October 2022

March 2022

Platform improvements powered by people!

At National Property Group, when we say we’re powered by people, we don’t just mean our team, we mean all the people who use our platform and take the time to give us feedback and ideas about how to continuously enhance it.

This quarter, we focused on giving you more ability to customise and put your expertise on show, with new reports, more control over existing reports, and a range of changes that make getting to where you need to be, easy.  Here’s a sample of what’s new:

  • Our new Neighbourhood Reports, featuring stats and graphs, are out now!
  • Customise your CMA by adding which agent it is from, and selecting the images you want to see on your property and comparables.
  • Want to give feedback? Check out the feedback button, now in the top right. 
  • Remove your saved search quickly, by clicking the star next to it.
  • Add saved searches just as quickly, by clicking the star next to a recent search.
  • Get more from your saved and recent searches by clicking ‘View More’.
  • We’ve given you more room to move, with our search bar and filters now in the top bar. 
  • Looking for the number of results or marked properties? Scroll down the page! 
  • Find out when photos were taken with the date right in the top of each image. 
  • Keep moving quickly, by adding a new search to existing search results.
  • Need even more data? Now you’ll find the unimproved capital value and date, primary lot record and last updated date, right there, on the property page.
  • Our new Neighbourhood Report is now available with the click of a button.

All updates available start 29 March 2022.

December 2021

Now our property data is as mobile as you are!

National Property Group has now released our beta mobile app for busy property professionals who want to access our data, mapping and reports while in the field. Our web app (that means no app stores, you download it right from your mobile web browser and keep it on your home screen) has been designed to be fast and easy, providing you access to all the tools and information you regularly use on our desktop data platform, with a few simple taps of your finger.

Use the National Property Data mobile app in NSW and QLD to:

  • Search up to 40 years of property sales history 
  • Search for current market data and insights, updated weekly
  • Create ‘on-the-run’ summary, detailed, sales history and full reports to show or share
  • Create a PDF Automated Valuation Model Report (AVM) in under 5 clicks
  • Export a PDF hybrid or manual CMA in under 3 minutes
  • Dive into our industry-leading Mapping to search, learn and present visually

Though our app is intuitive and we know you’ll have it mastered from the minute you download it, our friendly support team is on standby, from launch, to provide one-on-one mentoring and webinars so you can feel comfortable and confident finding exactly what you need while you’re in the car (not driving of course), hosting an inspection or appraising or valuing a home or land.

November 2021

We’re headed to QLD!

Our customers have once again provided us with valuable insights and feedback, and we continue to add new functionality to the platform and enhance usability so we can deliver an excellent property data experience. 

Our top new features this month include:

  • The introduction of our QLD dataset — while it will take a little time to fully fire, QLD is now onboard and in pilot phase!
  • We have updated our login page to better protect our customers and our data, and ensure compliance in this highly-regulated space.
  • When using lists, by clicking a column label, you can now filter data right on screen to narrow down search results.
  • In lists, you can drag and drop columns around to put them in the place that makes most sense to you. Also available now, is the ability to lock columns into place in their new position, and resize columns just like you do in excel.
  • You can now see all results on one page, for simpler, faster viewing.
  • When using our search, you will now also see the count for Current Market Information and Property and Owners Information results right there in the drop down response. 
  • Disclaimers on reports have now been updated and can be exported.

All updates will be available to users from 3 November 2021.

October 2021

Creating your CMA just got faster and easier!

National Property Data has a new, faster and easier Comparative Market Analysis builder — and you can try it out now!

Working with our community of collaborators, we have updated and now released our new CMA report builder for all subscribers and we’re already getting great reviews! Among other new features that will speed up your process and create a more compelling report:

  • We’ve included new and simple CMA-specific navigation, like a ‘Next’ button in the top right corner of the AVM, to help you zip through each step so you can output a quality report in no time.
  • Your selected property now follows you, on-screen, so you never lose sight of your key comparison points, allowing you to update AVM information quickly and accurately.
  • You can use the new ‘Create my report’ button in the top right to rapidly export and print, or ‘Go back’, if you want to readjust your property value.
  • Estimated price defaults to the AVM price but gives you full editing capability to adjust the AVM value or include words.
  • You can control the content in your report easier, with simple tick boxes down the left of the page, including an option to remove static information pages.
  • Simply tick the new ‘Select all’ option in the Statistics section to include everything and save even more time!
    These are just a few of the features in our new CMA builder, to find out more, try it out for yourself, by logging on at National Property Data.

All updates will be available to users from 20 October 2021.

September 2021

Working with our community to create the functionality you need most

September has been a month of enhancing experience and adding great, new functionality to our platform. A big thanks to our community of collaborators and users who continue to work closely with us, so we can build software that best meets your needs. 

New updates and features include:

  • List View has now become full screen, with three different custom views. Compact, allows you to save space with less text and the option to hover to find out more. Standard view offers greater spacing and larger text. Comfortable gives you the property thumbnail and additional data at-a-glance. 
  • Search has again been updated, so you can view and run your top 10 searches quickly, by clicking ‘Recent Searches’.
  • User Profiles are now editable, including passwords.
  • The search ‘Ownership Accordion‘ gives you increased control over ownership searches, and additional navigation lets you move around faster and easier. 
  • You can now upload a property image or property details (like bed, bath, parking, property type and area) in Property Information Records if images or details aren’t available.
  • StreetView is operational.
  • The Full Reports for CMI and Property Information records are now available.
  • In CMI history, records can be clicked on to show information for that specific record, including images and description.  
  • Our new CMA builder has been launched for Mapping users and is coming soon to all platform users. It enables you to create a custom and compelling Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report faster and easier, and with more control, due to new functionality and enhanced navigation and customisation. 


All updates will be available to users from 22 September 2021.

July 2021

Simplifying every word and process for an easier data experience

July is off to a busy start, with new features already hitting the data platform. 

New updates and features include:

  • You can now click on the Current Market History record and a pop-up featuring that data, will appear
  • If neither Current Market Information or Property and Owners Information are highlighted, the search will default to both, instead of not allowing you to search
  • The more filters screen has been grouped and you can now open and close the groups to make it more compact
  • AVM, ABS, and CMI all have mouse over pop-ups to explain what they mean
  • Current Market History is now available for all search types
  • In the Current Market History table, you can now change the sorting of the records by clicking on the headings

All updates will be available to users from 14 July 2021. 

June 2021

User Experience update puts data at your fingertips

The development team has been hard at it in June, with a firm focus on always enhancing user experience and giving access to more useful tools. 

New updates and features include:

  • 3 new Property Information related reports 
  • 3 new Current Market Information reports
  • 1 Top 10 Automated Valuation Model Report (for the Property Page)
  • Floating pagination in Grid View so you always know what page you’re on
  • Floating page navigation on the Property Page
  • CMI History Table on Property Page can be sorted using headings
  • Arrow keys or clicking on dots can be used to move through property images
  • ‘More Filters’ now indicates the number of filters used
  • You can open the property page in a new tab and it keeps all the search information
  • Removing all marked properties from a page now resets the view to show properties
  • You can update beds, bath, parking, and area in Property Information

New enhancements released: search for and find the right properties easier

National Property Data has released its latest platform updates, with a focus on responding to user feedback and ideas, to enhance our data service and the experience of our users.

Updates and new features include:

  • Our feedback button is now on every page so users can provide insights into their experience and ideas for how we can continue to improve it
  • Filter options have been added to saved searches
  • Users can now benefit from updated navigation, with arrows that make getting to the right property easier than ever
  • ‘Export CSV’ has been updated to work with marked properties
  • ‘Edit columns’ on list view has been expanded to include more fields
  • The infinity bug has been fixed
  • List view now has fixed width and height

All updates will be available to users from 9 June 2021.

May 2021

National Property Data Release 1: new search delivers data faster

National Property Data has launched Release 1 of its property data platform to NSW property professionals. The platform draws on 40 years of data, 4 million property records, 40 million images and is updated daily (owned data) and weekly (third party data). 

Features include:

  • Automated and customisable, branded CMA builder
  • Automated and customisable Valuations Machine
  • Integrated, industry-leading property Mapping platform
  • Unique singular search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Advanced options search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Saved Search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Recent Search – Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Search Results – List, Grid and Property View: Property, Owner and Current Market
  • Export to CSV and send to client
Real estate agents reading National Property Group CMA reports

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