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Martin Guiot National Sales Director

At National Property Group, our commitment to innovation in property technology is embodied by our team members, especially Martin Guiot, our National Sales Manager for the Enterprise and Government sector. Martin’s extensive experience in property technology and real estate significantly contributes to our collective efforts at National Property Group, enhancing our mission to evolve and adapt within the industry.

Martin’s journey, from his impactful tenure at Domain Group to his vibrant role at National Property Group, illustrates his deep understanding of the intricate relationship between property and technology. “Having navigated both realms, I bring a unique perspective that benefits our enterprise and government clients,” Martin shares.

His Canadian roots, coupled with a diverse career path that includes memorable stints like DJing on the Love Boat, contribute to his innovative approach. Now firmly rooted in Australia, Martin’s leadership is pivotal in steering our sales strategies within the complex enterprise and government landscape.

In his role, Martin is instrumental in introducing our platforms to these sectors. He focuses on integrating technology solutions that not only meet but exceed the operational needs and growth objectives of our clients. “It’s about creating synergies between tech and real-world applications to drive meaningful progress,” he emphasises.

Beyond the office, Martin’s love for watches and the great outdoors mirrors his professional versatility and his passion for exploration and precision.

Martin’s expertise in property technology and data continues to be a significant asset for National Property Group. His strategic vision and client-centric approach are vital as we collaborate with partners across the industry to develop solutions that enhance the property experience for all stakeholders.

To learn more about how Martin’s role in the Enterprise and Government sector can benefit your organisation, or to explore National Property Group’s innovative property technology solutions, connect with him today.

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