The Power of Real Estate Data

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, having access to accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date property data is more critical than ever. Whether you’re an enterprise business, a property technology innovator, or a corporation looking to make informed decisions quickly, National Property Group (NPG) stands out as a beacon of value and efficiency. Our real estate API is not just a tool; it’s your gateway to transforming how you interact with property data. 


Value for Money in Every Data Point 

At NPG, we understand the importance of value for money. Unlike other platforms that may come with a hefty price tag, we pride ourselves on offering affordable access to premium property data. Our API is designed to cater to the needs of enterprise businesses that require not just data, but meaningful insights that are both accessible and financially viable. 


Datasets Matched to Your Needs 

Our partnership with Australian businesses is founded on the principle of delivering tailored solutions. The NPG API brings to your fingertips: 

  • Geospatial Property Data: With features and attributes for over 13 million addresses nationwide, our database is unmatched in its breadth and accuracy. 
  • Current Market Data: Stay ahead with real-time property market data sourced from leading property portals, government registrations, and CRMs. 
  • Historic Sales & Ownership Information: Dive deep into the history with up to 40 years of sales and leasing information from both private and public sectors. 
  • Automated Valuations and Analysis: Leverage our advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms for aggregated market trends and real-time property valuation. 


Empowering Integration Partners and PropTechs 

NPG’s API is more than just a data source; it’s a partnership opportunity. Integration partners can connect our robust property market data, including powerful mapping and streamlined reporting workflows, directly to their platforms. For PropTechs, our API means the ability to leverage comprehensive data to meet your clients’ needs effectively. 


A Catalyst for Corporations and Innovators 

We go beyond mere data provision. Working with businesses and government entities, NPG delivers cleaned and up-to-date market intelligence, enabling swift, informed decision-making. Innovators with unique visions will find a supportive partner in NPG, ready to bring groundbreaking ideas to life with our extensive data resources. 


Ready to transform your approach to property data? 

In a landscape where data is king, National Property Group’s real estate API offers an unparalleled blend of quality, affordability, and adaptability. From geospatial mapping to historic sales and real-time market analysis, our datasets are curated to empower businesses across the spectrum. Partner with NPG and unlock the potential of property data, designed to help you achieve more, faster, and with greater accuracy. 

Ready to transform your approach to property data? Contact National Property Group to discover how our API can be tailored to fit your needs. 


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