Empowering Proptech Innovation with Real Estate Data Lake: A National Property Group Approach

In the cutthroat real estate arena, we at National Property Group recognise the importance of keeping your Real Estate Data Lake dynamic and relevant. Opportunities can easily be missed if data becomes stale. Leads may go off-market, shift out of the target price range, or get captured by competitors. The failure to seize these opportunities not only results in losses but also necessitates additional effort to unearth new prospects.

The real estate industry is continually evolving due to the emergence of proptech, making it crucial for businesses to stay abreast of market changes. However, success hinges not only on having access to your own data and market results but also on your proficiency in effectively fusing, utilising, and delivering real-time data at the right point in your business processes to guarantee optimal outcomes.

At National Property Group, we believe the key to navigating this challenging landscape is keeping a rich, current Real Estate Data Lake. This centralised repository for all types of property market data allows businesses to maintain a complete market view. By leveraging Data Lakes, you can ensure you have the information you need, when you need it, to streamline workflows, promote listings, generate and nurture leads.

Start-ups, particularly in proptech, often encounter challenges when attempting to access the necessary data to drive their applications. They may struggle to cooperate with larger suppliers who can make data integration difficult or expensive. The temptation to cut corners with pseudo-data providers offering unverified or scraped data, risking accuracy and quality, might be high.

We at National Property Group offer a solution by independently providing verified data to corporate real estate businesses and proptech start-ups. We flexibly partner with companies to provide access to real-time and pre-aggregated market insights, thereby fostering innovation and driving growth within the industry.

We boost customer conversion and retention by assisting our partners, Listing Loop and Homely, in offering insights to their end-users. This helps create a better understanding of how suburbs are performing while viewing current listings on their platforms.

Through property-level integration, we provide insights within the Stash Property platform. Users can access the latest land values, recent sales, and more.

With our comprehensive suite of APIs, you can seamlessly integrate relevant and up-to-date data into your website, CRM, or business intelligence (BI) tool. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business maintain a fresh Real Estate Data Lake.

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