NPG appoints Martin Guiot to National Sales Manager

Martin Guiot National Sales Director


National Property Group is driven by data, and powered by people.

In our Powered by People series, we introduce you to the team behind our business and how it can help grow your success, starting with our newest member, Martin Guiot.

If there’s one thing you can say about our team at National Property Group, it’s that we’re obsessed with property tech, and recently appointed National Sales Manager, Martin Guiot, is no exception.

“I’ve been on both sides of the table when it comes to property and tech,” Martin shares. “I have an intimate understanding of life in real estate and the challenges of growing a property business, from my own days working as an agent.”

“I’ve also dived head first into the technology that most agents use, working in key roles at Domain Group, for just under a decade. I have a real understanding of the way the two work together, and how technology can drive business growth in the property industry.”

Canadian born and raised, and still sporting the accent to prove it, Martin moved to Australia after way too many long, cold winters, only to find himself in Brisbane – in the sunshine state – currently dodging rain drops!

“My career has been long and varied, and while coming to National Property Group is already proving to be a great challenge and promises to become a highlight, DJing on the Love Boat for 7 seasons in my younger years is hard to beat,” he laughs.

“I’ve hit the ground running and tried all of the NPG platforms myself, seeing some real opportunities for companies from a number of sectors to take advantage of great technology, a collaborative approach with users, and an expert Aussie support team.”

Martin will lead National Property Group’s industry sales team, drawing on his time at Domain and Compass Group, working across finance, development, valuation and other industries, to introduce the benefits of our growing range of technology platforms, in those spaces.

“After being in real estate, working in property data, and now property technology, is really fascinating. I love data and numbers, and I understand the power they can have when they inform insights and action.”

“My job at National Property Group is really just to help people and companies – and that’s something I enjoy. I’m a problem solver, and I thrive on understanding my clients, what they need and what they are aiming for, so I can help them identify the solutions that will help them get to where they want to go.”

National Property Group is a growing leader in property technology development and aggregation, working with key partners in the industry to bring together solutions that can be used to create a better property experience for everyone transacting or participating in the industry.

“In Australia, the property technology space has really pumped up over the last five years, with AI and automation, big and small data, specialist apps, and a genuine focus on user experience paving the way for a lot of positive change now, and in the very near future.”

“I chose to work with National Property Group because it’s not only focused on building or partnering with quality solutions, to break down tech silos, but it’s also dedicated to helping clients traverse this change – this evolution – so they can take advantage of all it has to offer.”

Outside of work, Martin has a passion for watches, with 24 in his collection, and loves all things outdoors. He has adopted Australia as much as we have adopted him, marrying a local and having two kids who join him in camping, mountain biking and sailing adventures.

At National Property Group, we welcome Martin to the team, and we’re sure our current and future clients are going to enjoy meeting and working with him as much as we have – and even though he’s a cat guy… we’ll try not to hold that against him!

Martin is currently working with enterprise clients in development, valuation and home loans. With a long history in property technology and data, he is on standby to discuss National Property Group’s solutions with you. Get in touch here to arrange a one-to-one with Martin. 

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