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At National Property Group (NPG), our commitment to quality and improvement in property technology and services is reflected in the dedication and expertise of our team. A standout example of this commitment is seen in Don Harb, our Chief Data Officer. With a career that extends over two decades within the Estate Agents Community (EAC) and NPG, Don’s journey is marked by a dedication to growth, adaptability, and strategic insight.

Starting with a foundational expertise in network technology, Don initially stepped into the EAC as part of the support team. In this crucial role, he was instrumental in aiding and guiding agents and valuers through our services and the complexities of legislation, showcasing not only his technical knowledge but also a profound understanding of the property industry’s subtleties.

Throughout his career, Don has navigated a variety of roles, from support to sales, and from software development to product management. He has led diverse teams, each time imprinting his mark through a thoughtful approach and dynamic leadership. This wide-ranging experience has provided him with an unmatched perspective on both our company’s operations and the broader industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Now, in his role as Chief Data Officer, Don is primarily focused on enhancing our products, with a keen eye on how data can shape the strategic direction of our services. It’s a role that not only demands deep technical knowledge but also a forward-thinking mindset, qualities that Don has consistently demonstrated.

Outside the office, Don’s adventurous spirit in exploring new culinary experiences parallels his professional approach, always eager to embrace new challenges and opportunities. This openness to exploration and continuous learning fuels his innovative thinking in product development and strategic planning at NPG.

Don Harb’s path from a support team member to Chief Data Officer at NPG highlights his significant impact on our company and the property technology sector. His strategic vision and drive for continuous improvement inspire us all at NPG, and we are excited to share his story with our community.

To learn more about how Don’s leadership and our forward-thinking data-driven solutions can benefit your organisation, we invite you to connect with Don today. Let’s discover together how we can enhance the property experience through innovative solutions.

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