How to grow your business by becoming a property development expert

How to grow your business by becoming a property development expert

Competition is growing and it’s up to agents to look for new opportunities that will see their businesses ride through whatever changes the property sector may face in the coming years.

Property development is one area where agents see an opportunity to grow their business potential, however without the right market data and insight to pique a developer’s interest, it’s difficult to build trust and really highlight the agency’s expertise and credentials.

There are various property education schools and courses available that open up the doors to ‘mum and dad’ developers trying to source suitable properties to develop. 

Developers are on the hunt for savvy agents that not only help source property but can then go on to list the final properties.

This is an ideal opportunity for agents, and the key to winning the final property listings is by building a solid and trusting relationship. 

Patience is key in these situations, as they can deliver very lucrative and long-term results. 

Keeping potential developer clients up to date with market conditions, and new property availability is the first building block in creating solid connections.

However, differentiating your agency’s leadership and industry knowledge against the others is what will give you the unique advantage.

How do you do this? With reliable, authenticated, and up-to-date data.

There are a multitude of data offerings currently on the market, but to specifically tailor your marketing to property developers you need to do more with data. 

Fine detailed listings of properties are useful for high level client conversations.

Creating a system within your workflow that identifies and allows a consistent prospecting model, will help to identify new opportunities and also make your work day more productive as you hone in on the right properties suited for specific developers.

Whether you’re dealing with the mum and dad or professional developer, connecting them with blocks that are suitable for their specific style of development will gain agents trust, positive word of mouth and long-term clients. 

Identifying the ‘right’ block comes down to position, size, frontage and number of lots on one title. 

Most data platforms will provide these research tools, some have very unique derived data that allow you to filter on very specific data points.

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