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Share your company’s data and build your own dataset, your business and your brand in return. 

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What's data sharing with National Property Group?

National Property Group is one of Australia’s fastest growing property data companies. What’s behind that trajectory? Our willingness to share! 

Property data helps businesses and individuals develop stronger strategies, introduce smarter processes and ultimately, make better decisions, faster.

While users can benefit from a little data, augmented and enhanced data provides a more comprehensive picture of the property market, and the opportunity to make informed decisions with more certainty. 

Our data sharing service allows Australian businesses to automatically push selected data into our database, and in turn, to benefit from access to augmented data that builds out the market data accessible on their own systems and platforms. 

Step one: sign up and partner up!

Once we receive your enquiry, we'll introduce you to your National Property Group partner, and they'll work with you to assess eligibility.

Step two: your plug in project plan.

If you're eligible, your partner will review your dataset, find out what you need from us, and create a custom project plan for data sharing.

Step three: grow you data and your business.

Start promoting your own platform, strengthened by our collective data, to grow your business.

To find out if you are eligible to share data with National Property Group, and benefit from access to millions of property data records, simply fill in the form and submit. We’ll be in touch within 2 business days to start the journey with you. 

What's in it for your company?

Easy integration

The sharing process is not only simple, it is tailored specifically to your company.

Up to 40 years of data

Data collated from private and public sector partners throughout the country, starting four decades ago!

Exceptional support

Not only does our data become your data, our support team becomes your support team!

What data can you access?

National Property Group introduces new data partners frequently and updates our data sets weekly. Some of the data you can draw on includes:

Historic records.

Up to 40 years of historic sales and leasing information sourced from private and public sector partners in Australia.

Current market data.

Collated data relating to the latest listings and sales from key government sources and leading property portals and CRMs.

Commercial data.

We started with residential data, but now Australia's latest commercial data is coming to National Property Group!

Climate data.

Research shows Australia's properties will continue to be significantly impacted by severe weather occurrences. Climate data coming soon!

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